Minister Mahloof, inaugurates outdoor volley courts at Ga. Nilandhoo and Ga. Dhaandhoo

04 October 2022

Two newly constructed outdoor volley courts at Ga. Nilandhoo and Ga. Dhaandhoo are officially opened by Minister Ahmed Mahloof. During a minister's special visit to a few islands in the Ga Atoll, the unveiling ceremonies were held.
Ga. Nilandhoo, Ga. Dhaandhoo, Ga. Villingili, and Ga. Maamendhoo were among the islands the minister visited. During the visit, the minister was accompanied by the deputy minister, Ahmed Fuad, the parliamentarian for the Ga. Dhaandhoo seat, Yaugoob Abdulla, and Ismail Rauf, the senior executive director of the ministry of youth, sports, and community empowerment.
After the inauguration, a special game of volleyball was played on both islands, in which the minister Mahloof also took part.
According to Minister Mahloof, there are currently 38 outdoor volley courts being built, and 12 have already been built. The government places a lot of emphasis on growing volley as a sport, thus building these courts represents a significant investment in that growth.
The outdoor gym constructed at Ga. Dhaandhoo was also opened by the minister. With Indian aid, this gym was developed.